Stories of Impact

At the Community Foundation, we are about more than just managing charitable assets. We are about impact. Each charitable giving fund has a story. It represents the causes you care about, the organizations you serve and the communities that have shaped your life. Thank you for letting us play a part in telling your story. We're simple better together.

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"We would encourage others in the community to utilize the Community Foundation to become more philanthropic. If you want to have a bigger impact or realize giving goals, invest with the Community Foundation." 

- Dr. Mary & Suku Radia

"When Margaret talked about leaving a legacy, I told her there was no one better than the Community Foundation." 

- Mike Tracy

"By working with the Community Foundation and the Des Moines Community Playhouse, we can ensure Jeanne's ability to bring out the best in people through theater will continue for years to come." 

- Bob Hopson

"Des Moines has provided us with a great life, and it is important to us as members of the community to help those who are less fortunate. The Community Foundation offers a convenient and smart way to meet our planning strategies while giving back."

- Laura Sands & Dave Busiek

"Working with the Community Foundation provides us with a sustainable way of supporting East High School students who will, in turn, benefit Greater Des Moines."

- Brad Brown

Connections that Count 

- Dr. Barron and Britt Bremner

Connections that Count 

- Dr. Barron and Britt Bremner

"The Community Foundation team has helped us formalize our giving as a family while also making our giving more personally meaningful. Iowa is home and we are thankful we can continue to support the future of our state."

- Michele Druker & Wade Hauser III

"In our giving, we have received so much more. As we transition into retirement, we feel fortunate we could work with the Community Foundation and use an agricultural asset to do what is most important to us, giving back and helping others." 

- Linda & Joe Scallon

"Because of the recent changes to tax law, it became beneficial to make a gift of grain through our local community foundation as a tax-wise strategy that provides an opportunity for us to give back more."

- Andrea & Paul Brown

"The Community Foundation has worked alongside us as we seek to build understanding and appreciation of our culture in our new home." 

- Sam Gabriel, Genesis Youth Foundation

"My parents taught us that the fun is in the giving. Our family is blessed to be able to give and pleased to work with the Community Foundation."

- Bob Maddox, III

"Life Care Services and the Community Foundation share the belief that we can achieve more when we work together. This team approach was the best way for us to prepare for retirement and create a legacy of giving."

- Cynthia Thorland

"If you have the opportunity to make a difference in the world and in the lives of other people, why wait? The Community Foundation is a wealth of knowledge and a vehicle to make your charitable giving so much easier. We love it!"

- Julie & Jay Jacobi

"We want to enrich and support the community that has supported us. The Community Foundation makes it easy for us to give back to the causes we care about and invest in the future of the city we call home." 

- Dr. Roger & Kim Ceilley

In honor of their parents' experiences as first generation Americans, Cheryl and Greg Long created a field of interest fund at the Community Foundation to benefit causes and organizations that support immigrant families and individuals.

"My late husband Larry Carter dreamed of providing financial assistance to African-American students seeking higher education. Our fund at the Community Foundation will continue his legacy and make a difference in the live of students for many years to come." 

- Linda Carter-Lewis

"Because the dollars in our fund are professionally invested, they will continue to grow, so we can do more good. This provides us an opportunity to teach our children the power of investing early for greater charitable impact."

- Sarah & Zac Voss

"Giving directly from our IRA makes it easy to support causes we are passionate about."

- Lois & Louis Fingerman

"It was very important to my father that his charitable giving was carried out as he intended. Utilizing a charitable gift annuity gave him financial security and provided us with clear direction on how to realize his charitable wishes."

- Alan Cubbage on late father, Jerome Cubbage

"The Endow Iowa program is a testament to the foresight and collaborative spirit of our legislative leaders, the community foundation network and our state's donor community. They recognize that Iowans are highly motivated to help future generations to build upon the success we enjoy in our state today." 

- Joanie & Dan Houston