Our Funds

Charitable giving funds at the Community Foundation provide a simple, powerful and personal approach to giving. We offer a variety of fund types available to meet your needs.

Donor Advised Funds | Simple & Convenient

Organize and maximize your giving with this personal and simple charitable giving fund.

Designated Funds | Enduring Support

Provide support to the causes you care about.

Legacy Funds | Enduring Impact

Leave a legacy in your will or estate plans.

Agency Funds | Nonprofit Endowments

Meet the needs of your organization today and tomorrow.

Better Together Funds | Better Together, Better Forever

Invest in our community for generations to come.

Committee Advised Funds | Collective Impact

Provide collective support to charitable causes.


Field of Interest | Invest in Interests

Invest in the causes that mean the most to you.

Scholarship Funds | Empowering Education

Support future generations of learners and leaders.

Seed Funds | Grow Your Giving

Like a charitable savings account, build a foundation for your giving.