Pass it On

Sarah and Zac Voss describe their giving philosophy in one simple phrase, “We have been blessed and want to share.” Attributing much of their success to the investments others made in them, the couple felt it was their turn to give.

To meet their charitable goals, Sarah and Zac started a Seed Fund with the Community Foundation. Seed Funds are like charitable savings accounts allowing donors to grow charitable dollars over time. Once the fund reaches $10,000, grants can be made to causes donors care about. “As a teacher at Roosevelt High School, I saw the impact grants made in the classroom. We decided we wanted to be in a position to give in the same way someday,” says Sarah.

The Voss family has grown their Seed Fund to a point where they can begin making grants, but they are not done growing charitable assets. “Because the dollars in our Community Foundation fund are professionally invested, they will continue to grow, so we can do more good. This provides us an opportunity to teach our children the power of investing early for greater charitable impact,” says Zac. “As our family begins making grants from our fund, we can pass on important lessons about supporting the needs of others.”