Trainings for Nonprofit Board and Staff

As a partner in professional development for local nonprofit staff and board members, the Community Foundation seeks to enhance the skills necessary for a strong sector.


Community Foundation trainings, led by local and national experts, provide opportunities for participants to connect to new knowledge, and build relationships with each other. Our offerings are designed to enhance the governance, management and skills of local nonprofit board and staff members.

Upcoming Training Opportunities

On-Demand Learning

Explore the videos below and the accompanying worksheets we have developed to offer a taste of how you can grow as a volunteer leader or encourage your board to engaged board service.


Establish goals for successfully onboarding yourself to the organization. Click here to download the worksheet.



Identify ways you will show up as a doer, door opener and donor. Click here to download the worksheet.



Understand how you carry out the Duty of Care, Duty of Obedience and Duty of Loyalty as an effective board member. Click here to download the worksheet.



Rate how well you are managing organizational health and consider remedies for ailing boards. Click here to download the worksheet.