Setting the Stage

Jeanne Hopson didn't just believe theater could transform lives; she saw it happen every day through her work in community theater. "Theater was her calling," shares her husband, Bob Hopson. "It was almost as if she could see inside people and knew exactly how to bring out their potential." Adds daughter, Carol McCall, "My brothers and I joke we spent half our childhood running around the Des Moines Community Playhouse. After Mom passed, it became clear those hours had a tremendous impact on the lives of many. We knew we had to find a way to capture the essence of this amazing woman."

After discussing their goals with the Playhouse, the family came to the Community Foundation to establish an endowment in Jeanne's honor. "Through the scholarships it provides, the Jeanne Hopson Angel Endowment funds our dream to serve the whole community," shares David Kilpatrick, Playhouse executive director. "There is no better testament to Jeanne's legacy than to ensure we are eliminating barriers to participation."

"We had the passion for honoring Mom, but without the Community Foundation, we wouldn't have known how to get it done," adds Carol. "By working alongside the Community Foundation and the Playhouse, we have the peace of mind that her legacy carries on the way we intend and will continue to impact lives and foster creativity for years to come."