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Laura Sands and Dave Busiek moved to Des Moines with a shared agreement that Des Moines would be home for two years. Over 40 years later, the couple is proud of the city where they built successful careers in public health and journalism, raised a family and served as community leaders.

"Through our careers, we saw first-hand the needs of our community, and we feel called to give back," says Laura. Adds Dave, "Des Moines is a great place to live, but we can make it an even better place by getting involved."

As the couple prepared for retirement, they met with their financial planner to discuss how they could continue to support the causes they care about. "Given the recent changes in tax code and a strong stock market, working with the Community Foundation to create a charitable giving fund and bunch our giving made sense," says Dave. "Thanks to the Community Foundation, we could use appreciated stock to open a charitable giving fund, benefit from the tax advantages today and support causes for years to come."

"The Community Foundation supports innovative, important projects that would not otherwise happen. They are the engine that gets things done," says Laura. "We are pleased we can support an organization having such a tremendous impact in our community while making it convenient for us to give back."