Charitable Gift Annuities

Want to do something good and get something good back? Charitable gift annuities provide an opportunity to receive fixed annual payments for life with a plan in place to support the cause you care about after your lifetime.

“It was very important to my father that his charitable giving was carried out as he intended. Utilizing a charitable gift annuity gave him financial security and provided us with clear direction on how to realize his charitable wishes."

- Alan Cubbage on late father, Jerome Cubbage

Benefits of a Charitable Gift Annuity:

  • Support the causes you care about and receive fixed annual payments for life. Maximize your giving thanks to this tax-wise giving opportunity.
  • Payments can be made to you alone, for the benefit of someone else or to you and another person. Tax rules vary in each scenario and should be discussed with your professional advisor.
  • You may choose from monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payments which are deposited directly into your bank account.
  • The Community Foundation uses the American Council of Gift Annuity rates for the current amount payable with a charitable gift annuity.

How to Get Started

  • To establish a charitable gift annuity you must be at least 62 years old. We also require a minimum contribution of $15,000 in cash or marketable securities.
  • Simply sign a contract stating what asset you wish to donate, the charity you wish to support and the payment amount you will receive for your lifetime. The charity you select must hold a charitable giving fund at the Community Foundation. 
  • Use this calculator to estimate how a charitable gift annuity might meet your giving goals.