Investment Management

The Community Foundation's investment objective is to earn a return that allows donors to make meaningful grants while maintaining their charitable giving fund's future giving power.

Investment Update - April 24, 2020

As you are aware, the investment markets are increasingly volatile in response to COVID-19.  The Community Foundation Investment Committee, with the assistance of our investment consultants Pavilion, a Mercer Practice, are closely monitoring the markets and the Community Foundation’s portfolios. We also continue to communicate with our various Charitable Investment Partners. While we can’t predict what will happen over the next few months, we have confidence in our investment policies and procedures.  Our investment policy and asset allocation have been structured with a long-term objective, and we believe by being disciplined in our practices, our portfolios will survive this turbulent market. 

To learn more view a recording of the webinar held on April 21 with Pavilion, a Mercer Practice, members of the Community Foundation team and Franklin Codel, Investment Committee chair. 

We will continue to be responsible stewards of the money with which we have been entrusted. Please be assured that our Community Foundation team has a Continuity of Operations Plan in place and will continue to lead and serve the needs in our community into the future.


Maximize Your Giving

The Community Foundation offers a variety of investment options designed to meet a range of philanthropic goals and time horizons. Each of our investment portfolios is carefully constructed and diversified across global investment opportunities to maximize return and minimize volatility. To better understand the benefits of diversification, click here.

Our size provides access to world-class investment managers and alternative investment strategies only available to large institutional investors. Investments are monitored by the Community Foundation's expert investment committee, our investment consulting firm, and experienced staff

Detailed descriptions of our Investment Portfolio Options Investment Policy are available. You can also review our Investment Portfolio Returns. Investment fees are dependent on the investment portfolio selected. To view answers to other commonly asked investment questions, click here. 

Annually, our investment consultants provide an informational presentation on the prior year’s investment portfolios and returns. To read the current report, click here.

Team Approach

The Community Foundation provides professional investment and management expertise, but you may also choose to work with your preferred investment manager through our Charitable Investment Partners Program.