Support Made Simple

Dr. Roger and Kim Ceilley are passionate about Greater Des Moines. “Kim and I have benefited greatly from the support of this community. We have both enjoyed successful careers, and our children received excellent educations,” says Roger. “We feel very fortunate and want to do our part to give back.”

After considering creating a private foundation, the couple decided the Community Foundation offered a more efficient way to fulfill their charitable goals. “As a retired CPA I appreciate how easy it is to use our fund,” shares Kim. “Thanks to the Community Foundation’s online giving system, I no longer have to write individual checks, maintain contribution logs or coordinate receipts. My year-end tax work has been simplified."

The couple also appreciates the unique charitable giving tools, like the Endow Iowa Tax Credit and Charitable IRA Rollover, available through the Community Foundation. “Utilizing the Charitable IRA Rollover was easy,”says Roger. “It provided a simple, tax-wise opportunity to make gifts to a variety of charities we wanted to support.”

The couple is proud of their community, and they are committed to investing in its continued success. According to Kim, “It has been fun to see the evolution of Greater Des Moines, and we are proud of the first-class city it has become.”