Family of Giving

Wade Hauser III and Michele Druker's roots are planted firmly in our state's rich soil. With Iowa ties going back generations, the couple came to the Community Foundation as they engaged their children in the family's legacy of giving.

"Several years ago, we opened a charitable giving fund with the Community Foundation because it provided us the opportunity to use appreciated stock, benefit from unique tax advantages and give over time to a variety of causes," shares Wade. "The Community Foundation makes it easy to facilitate permanent, reccurring gifts in our community."

As the couple sought to engage their children in their giving, they took advantage of the Community Foundation's family giving services. "One of the attractive things about working with the Community Foundation is our kids can carry on our family tradition of giving through the fund," says Michele. To begin these conversations, each member of the family completed the Community Foundation's Giving Guide from which staff identified their diverse and shared interests. Then the Community Foundation team shared information on organizations that were new to the family, but matched their giving goals. Adds Wade, "The family meetings have been a great activity for all of us. The Community Foundation has opened doors as we learn about new organizations and where we can make the most impact with the charitable dollars we have. However, we've learned more from our children, and each other, as we discuss what matters most to us."