Good Eggs

For over 40 years, Joe and Linda Scallon grew a successful farming operation that included egg-laying facilities and crop farming. But the couple's proudest accomplishments don't lie in their many business successes. They are reflected in the family they raised and how they have given back to the community they call home.

This generous spirit is what brought the couple to the Community Foundation as they transitioned their farming operation. "Farming has been a wonderful life, but we were ready for the next phase. After selling our egg-laying facilities, the Community Foundation became a great partner by allowing us to use the farm equipment we intended to place on auction to fund the giving we want to do over our lifetimes," shares Joe. By gifting the depreciated farm equipment to the Community Foundation, the Scallons were able to use the sale proceeds to open a charitable giving fund. Adds Joe, "Working with the Community Foundation allowed us maximize our charitable dollars and spread our giving over our retirement years to support what is most needed."

"We believe our purpose is to help others and use our blessings for the greater good," shares Linda. "Through our families and countless community mentors, we were taught the importance of giving back. Whether giving to our church, our local school, or community needs, we feel fortunate that our charitable giving fund provides us the opportunity to invest in the future of our community."