Mission of the Keokuk County Community Endowment Foundation:

Our mission is to foster private giving, strengthen service providers and improve the condition of the communities and other areas of interest within Keokuk County.  To these ends, the Keokuk County Community Endowment Foundation (KCCEF) will promote endowment building, grant-making, organizational collaboration and public leadership for the benefit of all Keokuk County.

Keokuk County Disaster Recovery Fund

On behalf of our county, the Keokuk County Community Endowment Foundation has established the Disaster Recovery Fund (DRF) to support our most negatively impacted populations as they face the effects of COVID-19. The DRF provides an opportunity for the public to give with the reassurance their donations will be used to quickly move resources to where they are most needed and to adapt to evolving needs. The flexibility of the fund will ensure that the community will be able to respond to needs that are not being met by existing non-profit, local, state and federal programs.

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 Disaster Recovery Fund

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The Keokuk County Community Endowment Foundation is improving quality of life in Keokuk County through charitable giving. Learn more.

Giving in Keokuk County

The Keokuk County Community Endowment Foundation is committed to improving the quality of life throughout Keokuk County by investing in area nonprofits through our grant programs and by providing individuals, families and area businesses who love our communities with a way to give back.

Our approaches to giving are personal, simple and flexible. By partnering with us you focus on the joy of supporting the causes you care about in ways that fit your needs, while we ensure the administrative details of giving are taken care of at the highest standard. We offer a variety of charitable giving fund options to match your needs and provide access to unique tax-wise giving opportunities like Endow Iowa, a 25% state tax credit. We are also here to ensure that your charitable legacy continues for generations to come so that the causes and communities you care about today will benefit from your generosity after your lifetime. Whether working with us directly or through your trusted professional advisor, we are here to meet your giving goals and make Keokuk County better together.

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 Community Endowment Foundation

Keokuk County Community Endowment Foundation Grants

Grants are available to 501(c)3 organizations and government entities serving Keokuk County. Grant selections are made in an effort to create a better quality of life for people in Keokuk County. The local governing committee reviews the applications from charitable organizations serving their community.

Grant Application Due: October 31

Click here to learn more about the grant process and to access grant applications.

Advisory Board Members

Laurie Luettjohann - Chair
Todd Harbison - Vice Chair  
Conni Baker Becky Leer                                                                          
Larry Bird Connie McLaughlin
Kathy Davis Mike Messerschmitt
Rob Dennison Tray Moree
Mike Hadley Dixie Shipley
Silvia Hadley Ann Spilman
John Heisdorffer Barb Van Patten