Building Legacy

Bob Maddox Jr. and his late wife, Hap, moved to Des Moines in 1950 to start Allied Construction. While developing a successful construction company, they also grew a family committed to supporting Greater Des Moines. "I am very proud to have three generations involved in the business and giving back to the community that has given us so much," shares Bob Jr.

In honor of Allied Construction's 50th anniversary, the company made a $1 million gift to the Community Foundation's Better Together Fund. "My hope for Allied is it will continue to build the city through not only its work, but through the donations we are able to make," says Bob Jr.

Fulfilling this wish is Bob Maddox III, his wife, LaRue, and their sons, Evan and Cullen Powers. The couple also chose to partner with the Community Foundation to support causes they care about. "Through our charitable giving fund we are able to simplify our giving and involve our sons in conversations about why we give and how maximize our giving," says Bob III.

Watching their grandparents and parents give back to the community they love inspired Evan and Cullen to each open their own charitable giving fund at the Community Foundation. "A charitable giving fund provides a way to meet our giving goals and utilize the Community Foundation's expertise to invest in the causes we are most passionate about," shares Evan. "We want to do our part in continuing to build on the progress and success of this community, for generations to come."