Connections: Family Giving

Nov. 15, 2018 Bunney children with give, save, spend jars

The holidays are a time when many families make decisions about the generous support they want to provide to the causes they care about. In this edition of Connections, Kristi sits down with Mari Bunney, a financial advisor and mother of three to discuss family giving traditions.




Mari and her husband, Jesse, teach their children about the importance of giving back with three jars labeled “save,” “spend,” and “give.” The children divide their allowance money between the three jars and decide as a family where they’d like to give.


To continue having this conversation in the future and grow the impact of their giving, the Bunney family opened a Seed Fund at the Community Foundation. Seed Funds allow donors to build their funds to $10,000 over the course of a 10-year time period with an initial contribution of at least $1,000. Once a Seed Fund grows to $10,000, it can be used to support causes the donors care about most.


“We’re excited to someday sit around the kitchen table with our kids and decide where we want to give, and hopefully inspire them to start their own giving fund someday, too,” shares Mari.


The Community Foundation honors family traditions in giving and provides the resources and expertise necessary to assist in embracing a spirit of giving that reflects your values for generations to come. We can help maximize the benefits of charitable giving and provide the resources to design a program that fits your philosophy, values and goals. Get started by completing our Giving Guide as a family.


Learn about another important family giving tradition Mari shares with her family in the video above and contact a member of our team to learn more about how we maximize your giving.