Family Giving

It is the Community Foundation’s privilege to work alongside families as they seek to share the gift of giving with future generations. Whether leading families through discussions of how their values and beliefs shape their giving, creating family mission statements to guide strategic giving or providing opportunities to learn about local causes; our team is here to help families give back.

Generations of Giving

In many ways, your family’s story is told in the ways in which you give back. Whether volunteering together, teaching children how to designate a portion of their weekly allowance for a cause they care about or discussing as a family why you give where you do; charitable giving shapes the fabric of your family.


"The Community Foundation team has helped us formalize our giving as a family while also making our giving more personally meaningful. Iowa is home and we are thankful we can continue to support the future of our state."

- Michele Druker & Wade Hauser III


The Community Foundation is privileged to support families in shaping legacies of giving by:

  • Guiding discussions to consider the values and interests that matter most to them. Our Giving Guide helps families to develop a mission statement to guide strategic giving and represent the collective goals of the family. Click here to download our Giving Guide.

  • Introducing them to local nonprofits making a difference in their charitable interest areas. Whether offering financial support or providing families opportunities to visit organizations to learn more, we are here to make connections that count. 

  • Simplifying their giving. The Community Foundation handles the administrative details of the family’s charitable giving fund so they can focus on the joy of giving. 

  • Ensuring enduring impact. As charitable giving funds are established, families can determine the succession plans that match their long-term goals.