Business Giving

Our business giving services offer solutions to manage charitable giving, engage employees in the process and maintain focus on your business goals. To best meet your company’s community impact goals, the Community Foundation offers business giving services and business advised funds.

Business Advised Funds

Business advised funds provide an attractive alternative to managing your company’s charitable giving internally, while still providing the opportunity to support your charities of choice on a timeframe that makes sense for you. Opening a business advised fund provides immediate tax benefits including the potential for Endow Iowa Tax Credits, a 25% state tax credit.

Establishing a Business Advised Fund Is:


Your business advised fund can include the name of your company or remain anonymous.


Grants from your fund can be made now and into the future to continue your business’ spirit of giving.


Your company can contribute to the fund at any time with gifts of almost any asset type including appreciated securities, real estate, business interests, personal tangible property, retirement plans, life insurance, agricultural assets and more to make sure that you are maximizing your giving in tax-wise ways. Closely held business interests can also make an excellent gift.


The Community Foundation handles all the administrative details while your company enjoys an immediate tax benefit.

Cost Effective

Administrative fees are minimal with no start-up cost, ongoing reporting or distribution requirements.


Your company can grant to any charitable organization, in various amounts, at any time.

Customized Suite of Services

The Community Foundation offers many customized options within our business suite of services. This allows your company to select the level of charitable giving partnership that is most advantageous for you. Our team of charitable giving experts can work with you to develop a plan for your company to maximize charitable impact in the community allowing your to focus your time on your business.

Community Foundation Customized Suite of Services Include:

  • Designing your charitable giving strategy.
  • Creation of customized grant applications.
  • Managing inquiries from grantseekers.
  • Maintaining a database of grant requests and distributions.
  • Preparing grant recommendations for your company’s consideration.
  • Manage grant impact reporting.