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    Giving Cards

    Thank you for redeeming your Giving Card! You are about to make a meaningful difference for the nonprofit organization of your choice. Thank you for your thoughtfulness; we appreciate your support of charitable organizations!

    Frequently asked questions

    Q. How does the process of redeeming my Giving Card work?
    A.  Enter the unique number on the back of your Giving Card at desmoinesfoundation.org/givingcards. You will be prompted to share your contact information which will only be used to confirm your instructions have been received or if we have questions about your gift. You will also be asked to enter the name and contact information of the nonprofit organization you wish to support. 

    Q. What organizations can I choose to benefit from my Giving Card?
    A. Giving Cards can benefit any 501 (c)(3) charitable organization. To confirm the organization you wish to support is qualified visit www.GuideStar.com or contact us at 515-883-2626.

    Q. How long does it take for the organization to receive my gift?
    A. The Community Foundation sends checks monthly to organizations benefitting from Giving Cards.

    Q. Will the organization know the gift is from me?
    A. When redeeming your Giving Card you have the option to remain anonymous or give permission for us to notify the charity of your gift.

    Q. When does the Giving Card expire?
    A. Giving Cards expire one year after they are issued. The expiration date is indicated on the Giving Card. Dollars not redeemed by Giving Card recipients are directed to the Community Foundation's Better Together Fund to respond to community needs.

    For more information

    Sara Bonney

    Director of Marketing & Communications


    Phone (515) 447-4201