Local Givers with International Perspective

    Dr. Yogesh (Yogi) Shah, associate dean for global health at Des Moines University, says medical students who travel with him to underdeveloped countries leave thinking about the help they will give others and return with the feeling they have received much more than they have given. Yogi views his giving the same way.


    Yogi and his wife Deval started their fund at the Community Foundation to create a legacy of giving, support their community and teach the importance of giving to their children.


    "We saw the value the Community Foundation has in Greater Des Moines. It's a donor-driven and quality-minded organization that provides long-term value for the community," Yogi said.


    The Shahs, who both grew up in India, plan to focus their giving on education and expanding local knowledge of developing countries. "The more we know about other cultures, the more we understand how similar we are," Yogi said. "This understanding will make us better global citizens."