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A Fairytale for Fundraising: Storytelling Strategies to Inspire Donations

April 30, 2019. To connect with audiences, storytelling matters. “Once upon a time, there was an organization that did everything right. The end.” Not a compelling narrative. Every story needs an antagonist and a struggle to make it interesting. And, in the nonprofit sector, the struggle can be very real. Learn why your organization shouldn’t cast itself as “the hero” to inspire donors and take away techniques to tell your story across platforms to connect with audiences where they are. The AMPERAGE team will touch on building an effective narrative arc and offer tips and tricks for translating the concepts for video and social media campaigns.

This session is helpful for nonprofit staff and board members who want to make a connection between marketing and development functions, lead fundraising or promotional efforts for the organization or want to gain a better understanding of how they can be an ambassador for their organization through telling the story of impact and opportunity. Learn more & register

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