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Painting a Picture of Financial Health

April 10, 2019. Does your organization’s board packet convey its financial health in a way that’s easy to understand? Build from the basics of financial fluency and hear from an expert how to present organizational financial statements in a streamlined, forward-thinking manner. Courtney L. De Ronde, CPA, will share what information is key to assessing stability and predicting sustainability. This interactive workshop will give participants the opportunity to explore incorporating nonfinancial data – key performance indicators, dashboards, etc. – alongside traditional financial statements. Move from looking in the rear-view mirror of financial health to a more GPS-style picture that plots a course forward.


This session is helpful for board members who want to feel more confident in their fiduciary responsibility, executive directors and nonprofit staff who have an interest in financial disclosures. Participants are encouraged to bring examples of financial statements from their organization for practical application. Learn more & register

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