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The Community Foundation is proud to share resources to support innovation and spark your next great idea!

Additional Innovation Resources:


Innovation Inspiration: A Workshop to Spark Nonprofit Ideas

May, 26, 2016. Join us as Dr. Stacy Van Gorp, Nonprofit Consultant and Innovation Strategist, leads this hands-on workshop for inspiration to ignite your organization's next innovation. Together, we'll explore ideas, products and services that are transforming nonprofits and businesses around the world. You'll analyze the magic of these ideas; then, we'll spend time discovering if this magic could work for your organization and stakeholders. But, we won't just stop with ideas. You'll also have the chance to begin building your organization's strategy. Your strategy can help you know which of the ideas you've identified might be a good fit for you, for those you serve and the mission you work for every day. Learn more and register.



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