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Power of Endowment

Planting a seed today will grow giving forever. 

What is an endowment?

By establishing an endowment at the Community Foundation today, you plant a seed that will grow to benefit the community forever. The endowment is invested over time. Earnings from the endowment are used to make gifts to the charities of your choice and address community needs. The endowment, and all future earnings from the endowment, are a permanent source of community capital, fostering good work today and in the future.

Legacy and stability

Establishing an endowment makes a difference in the community now and provides a gift that will last forever. Grants will continue to be made in the name of the fund established so your charitable wishes are preserved.


The Community Foundation recommends an annual distribution, or spend rate, of up to 5%. As we seek to fulfill your charitable wishes for generations to come, this spend rate recommendation is based upon our long-term investment performance goals. As investment returns do vary from year to year, these normal fluctuations of the markets should be considered as you determine annual distributions in order to meet your giving goals today and for years to come. 

Giving experts

When you work with the Community Foundation to achieve your charitable goals, you benefit from the expertise of our experienced local staff. The Community Foundation matches you with community causes you care deeply about and offers extensive knowledge about local charitable organizations and emerging community needs, helping you make informed and impactful decisions about giving.


We provide professional fund management and investment expertise. The ability to combine funds into professionally managed portfolios allows the Community Foundation to access diverse investment opportunities.

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