Charise & Rory Flynn

    After Charise and Rory met, it took less than one year for them to say "I do" in an aunt's backyard and head for their honeymoon in San Francisco. When they decided to establish a permanent endowment at the Community Foundation, they moved with the same certainty and characteristic quickness.


    For their two-year wedding anniversary, Rory gave Charise a gift she'd been pining after for a few months-an Seed Fund at the Community Foundation.


    "Rory wanted to surprise me, but I kept after him about starting this fund," Charise said. "We always say everyday is our anniversary, and this is our way to be untraditional."


    Charise and Rory will contribute to their fund until it matures into a charitable endowment, allowing them to support the causes they choose in the future.


    "When we make gifts from this fund each year it will be a good reminder of our anniversary and our decision to give to others," Charise said. "It's an important foundation for our marriage."


    Both Charise and Rory have always had a heart for giving, which stems somewhat from the time they spent abroad before they were married. Rory was impacted by a mission trip to Haiti, and Charise studied abroad in Honduras for a semester.


    "When I came back from Honduras, I didn't want to be complacent and forget that a lot of people are in need," Charise said. "Rory and I both enjoy our current careers, and they have provided us the opportunity to give."


    Now between their favorite activities of playing guitar, golfing, and skiing, the Flynns can add charitable giving and be proud of the seeds they've planted with their Seed Fund at the Community Foundation.