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Giving Wisely

Giving back is important to you. Perhaps an organization influenced your life, you're passionate about a specific cause, you take special notice of the needs in our community or simply want to create a legacy for future generations. Most importantly, you want your charitable giving to have as much impact as possible.


Giving away money is easy; giving it away wisely requires discernment. Well-placed gifts, regardless of size, can make a difference and create an extremely satisfying giving experience.


You can support causes that are important to you by establishing a charitable fund at the Community Foundation. We can connect you with causes you care about and help you leave a legacy of support in our community.  


We invite you to explore the advantages of working with us to meaningfully give back.

For more information

Lynne Yontz, CAP®

Chief Charitable Giving Officer

Phone (515) 447-4203