Joyce and Rick Chapman

     Lasting Lessons

    As Joyce Chapman prepared for her retirement from West Bank, she and her husband Rick were mindful of how they could continue to support the causes they cared about. "As we discussed our ongoing charitable giving interests with our investment advisor, she encouraged us to work with the Community Foundation. A donor advised fund provided us with tax advantages, but what drew us to the organization was the unmatched good it does for our community," shares Joyce.


    After utilizing their donor advised fund for a number of years to support Greater Des Moines, the Chapmans considered how they could further utilize the Community Foundation. "Our investment advisor helped us use a required distribution from our IRA as a tax-wise gift to open another fund, specifically supporting students at Des Moines Area Community College," says Joyce.


    Rick spent his career teaching at DMACC and his favorite students were resumers," shares Joyce. "These are individuals who were perhaps coming back from military service, or women whose circumstances had changed and now needed more formal education. Regardless of the reason for continuing their education, these students were hardworking and eager to learn. Thanks to the Community Foundation, we feel fortunate to be able to provide ongoing scholarships for this specific, valuable student population."