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BoardLaunch - OnBoard: What You Need to Lead - June 1, 2015

Join us for this unique session designed to inform you on what you need to know to be an effective board or committee leader. We will explore how to identify leadership opportunities, your personal desires for leadership, the responsibilities of leadership positions, and how to use your skills to engage the board to advance the mission of the organization you care about. This session will offer six recommendations to help you prepare for your leadership role, as well as offer best practices to use during your leadership term. Upon completion of this session, you will have what you need to lead! Read More »


DonorConnect - The Gift That Gives Back: Creative Giving Solutions to Support Causes You Care About While Receiving Income During Your Lifetime - June 18, 2015

It's often a balance to determine how much to support the causes you care about, while meeting personal financial needs. Learn more from the Community Foundation on how both goals can be achieved by giving a gift that provides income you can count on through Charitable Gift Annuities. Read More »


OnTrack - Taking the Confusion Out of Complex Gifts: Tools and Tips to Know - June 29, 2015

Join us for this interactive session with attorney Johni Hays as we learn about 16 types of complex assets and their various tax advantages and disadvantages to the donor and potential concerns the gift might bring to your organization. You will walk away with knowledge to determine when a complex gift makes sense for your organization to accept and when it might not be in your best interest. Read More »


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