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OnTrack - Powerful Planned Giving with a Shoe-String Staff and a Shoe-String Budget - Part Two - September 9, 2015

Join national expert Brian Clontz as he shares best practices for endowment building that you can put to work today. This highly interactive session will not focus on the reason to have an endowment, but instead on the design and implementation of a plan to grow your endowment. We will discuss the best practices of board engagement, prospecting, marketing, cultivating donors, making the ask, gift documentation and recognition. The session will be very practical and will offer specific how-to suggestions you can follow - almost like an endowment building recipe. Read More »


BoardLaunch - IRS Tax Workshop: For Small & Medium Sized Nonprofit Organizations - September 10, 2015

The Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines in conjunction with the Drake Law School and the Drake Legal Clinic are proud to partner with the Internal Revenue Service's Exempt Organization Division to present the national touring IRS Tax Workshop: For Small and Medium Sized Nonprofit Organizations. This workshop, taught by experienced IRS Exempt Organization Specialists, will explain the nuts and bolts of what 501(c)(3) entities must do to keep their tax-exempt status and comply with tax obligations. Throughout this full-day workshop, we will discuss the benefits and responsibilities of tax-exempt status, unrelated business income, employment classifications and requirements, overview of the 990 form, required disclosures and more. Do not miss this opportunity to learn -directly from IRS experts - what your organization needs to do to stay compliant and avoid jeopardizing your nonprofit's tax-exempt status. *Continuing Education Credits Available Read More »


Igniting Innovation: Creating a Culture of Opportunity - September 21, 2015

Don't let "every day" work keep your organization from flourishing. Challenge and help your organization grow and prosper long-term by tapping into your team's collective wisdom, energy and enthusiasm and embracing a culture of innovation! A common myth is that innovations are created by lone wolfs who have "Eureka" moments. The truth is that innovation is actually a social process...and good ideas only become great when they are nurtured in supportive environments. Join us for this engaging session to learn different methods to encourage your nonprofit team to help generate innovative ideas as well as gain insight on how to create a culture that supports idea generation. Read More »


Influencing Investors: Framing Your Work to Gain Support - September 21, 2015

You have the next great idea to move your organization to the next level, but how do you get others on board? Good ideas-even great ideas - often get lost because people aren't sure of how to sell or pitch them. In this interactive session you will learn how to frame a message, demonstrate the value of your idea and gain insight on how to ensure your idea is memorable. In the end you want people to say yes and invest in your work, so learning how to successfully sell your idea to others is as important as the idea itself. Read More »


OnBoard: The Basics to Being an Effective Board Member - October 26, 2015

Being a board member is an incredible opportunity to lead within the nonprofit sector and put your passion for a particular charitable cause into practice! But along with passion must come a clear understanding of roles, responsibilities and duties to ensure your nonprofit organization is fulfilling its mission fully. This session is designed to introduce you to the roles of nonprofits and their boards as well as the critical impact the nonprofit sector has in the community. We will explore trends, effective practices and legal requirements in nonprofit governance as it relates to board members, organizational oversight, securing necessary resources, program implementation and fiscal oversight duties. Read More »


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