Primary Health Care

    CityView Plaza in Des Moines is doctored up.


    By renovating office space at 1200 University into a full-service community health care clinic, Primary Health Care can better serve the growing needs of families and individuals in the area.


    A $30,000 Leadership Grant from the Community Foundation filled a funding gap, making it possible for Primary Health Care to move from its outgrown space at 979 Oakridge Drive. The new site provides enough space for nine exam rooms, offices for mental health counseling, rooms for homeless case management and space for educational programming. Additionally, the heavily-used Community Access Pharmacy needed a new home due to the sale of Mercy Capitol and moved into renovated space next to the new clinic.


    "Helping Primary Health Care create a medical home in the heart of the city is meeting a critical community need given the economy and growing needs for affordable health care," Community Foundation Board Chair Allison Fleming said. "The clinic and pharmacy reach many individuals and families in their own neighborhoods, improving their quality of life through access to preventive care and early treatment options."


    Primary Health Care Executive Director Kelly Huntsman noted, "In the past few years, we have seen an increase of more than 60 percent in the number of people coming to us for care. In 2009, we served more than 24,400 individuals. The relocated Outreach Clinic and Community Access Pharmacy serve 1,000 more patients and provide programming to 300 more children and 100 more women who are pregnant or parenting."