Better Forever

A successful businessman, Jim O’Halloran, knows the importance of a succession plan. That is why as he thought about the future of his family’s private foundation, the James and Jeanne O’Halloran Foundation. Jim knew he needed to create a plan to continue the family’s legacy of giving.  

Jim turned to the Community Foundation where he found the organization’s administrative excellence and giving expertise a perfect fit for the future needs of the family’s foundation. By transferring the assets of the private foundation to a family foundation fund held at the Community Foundation, Jim’s family members are serving as fund advisors and focusing on developing their skills in charitable giving, rather than the administrative work of operating a private foundation.   

As the next generation of the family develops their charitable giving skills, the Community Foundation is there to assist by facilitating grants to organizations they recommend and providing administrative support and guidance on community initiatives. Thanks to their example and thoughtful planning, Jim and Jeanne’s legacy of giving is sure to continue for generations. 

“The Community Foundation has the best capability to assist my family in charitable decision making, resulting in a wonderful way to give back to the community and world.” Jim O’Halloran