Give Local

Meeting Diane and Roger Munns, it doesn’t take long to recognize they are a couple with tremendous energy and passion for the Greater Des Moines community. Energy and passion they are determined to put into action. 

We met here, and after 42 years of marriage, three kids and meaningful careers, we know Des Moines has been and continues to be the perfect place for us to call home” says Roger. The couple has always shared an interest in supporting local causes financially and through volunteer service. “We’ve been active in many charitable groups, including the Drake Neighborhood Association, Habitat for Humanity and the FreeStore. “It has been so much fun to see the difference volunteering makes,” adds Diane.  

The couple had worked with their financial advisor to establish a donor advised fund with a company outside of Iowa to support their giving. “We were fine with the service we were getting through our previous donor advised fund provider, but when we learned about the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines, moving our fund was a no-brainer,” says Roger. “We like to give our money to organizations and projects that make a difference locally. The services we enjoy and value,” shares Diane. “The Community Foundation allows us to support causes nationwide, but it is committed to making a difference in Greater Des Moines. I don’t think everyone recognizes the important role nonprofits play in the success of our community, but the Community Foundation does. We wanted to work with a partner in giving that would not only expertly manage our charitable assets but is also actively engaged in improving local quality of life.” 

“I often hear from friends contemplating retirement they are concerned they won’t know what to do with their time. To that, I say, get involved. Des Moines offers so many ways to engage, stay active and extend your social circle along the way. The reason we continue to volunteer and serve is that it is so much fun,” says Roger. Adds Diane, “And if you don’t know where or how to get involved, reach out to the Community Foundation. They are a great way to plug in and get started.”