Generational Giving

Marcia and Rich Flaugh have a clear, shared belief that grounds them: keep gratitude at the center.  “What we have received from giving has been tremendous,” shares Rich. “As we reflected on this, we wanted a way to involve our grandchildren, putting charitable decisions in their hands and developing an attitude of giving at a young age.” Adds Marcia, “We were intentional to model the importance of community engagement to our children and they have grown into wonderful, generous people. Now it is time to find an opportunity to share what has been so important to us with our eight grandchildren.” 

The Flaughs shared their idea with their financial advisor, who quickly saw a solution by working with the Community Foundation to open a charitable giving fund. “My grandparents told us they had started a charitable giving fund and the grandkids were in charge of determining Iowa causes it would support,” shares eldest granddaughter Hannah. “Each of my cousins and I came to our family cookie decorating party in December prepared to present on an Iowa organization we felt was deserving of our support. When that day arrived, the cousins were sent to the basement by ourselves to make our presentations and decisions.” Adds Rich, “As much as we would have loved to hear the conversation, it was important we stay completely out of it so they could learn from one another.” 

“We all took the responsibility very seriously. We understand what a financial gift can do to help an organization and the way it can transform lives,” says Hannah. “All eight of us shared about different organizations. Each shed light on the person’s interests, and I learned about both the causes and my cousins. Following the presentations, we took a vote and determined a single organization to receive our grant for the year.” 

“The experience was awesome, but the look of pride on my grandparents’ and parents’ faces as we excitedly shared our discussion and decisions was something I will never forget,” shares Hannah. Adds Rich, “What a blessing it has been to watch our grandchildren experience the joy of giving. We hope it will continue to shape their commitment to community support for years to come.”