Ten Years of Magic

Jul. 6, 2017 null

In 2007 the Community Foundation provided a $100,000 Leadership Grant to 80/35 that allowed the dream to become a reality for our community. We are proud of the ways in which 80/35 has played an important part in enhancing the music scene in our city and making our community better together. Jill Haverkamp of 80/35 shares what the music festival means to Greater Des Moines and the Community Foundation's role in making it a possibility.

Ten Years of Magic
By: Jill Haverkamp, Des Moines Music Coalition 


The 80/35 music festival launched in 2008. Organized by the Des Moines Music Coalition with the vision to spark growth in the city's live music economy while enhancing its creative, vibrant culture. Hundreds of volunteers make the festival possible each year, generously donating their time before, during and after the festival to make this happen.


As many as 50 national, regional, and local bands have graced the multiple stages of the festival each of the last 10 years, featuring everyone from hip-hop legends Wu-Tang Clan to reggae royalty Ziggy Marley and indie rock staples Death Cab For Cutie.


The support from the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines has played an integral part in bringing and keeping 80/35 around for not only the city, but the region. The initial backing that we received played a key role in the festival becoming one that the community anticipates each and every year and serves as an unofficial start to summer.


The tenth magical year celebrates not only 10 years of music and culture, but a growing music, arts and entertainment scene that has seen an uptick in high-profile acts stopping in the city instead of driving through or flying over.

Be sure to relive the magic by watching the 80/35 10th anniversary video and be part of the party by attending 80/35 this weekend!