Pack Your Bags

Jun. 15, 2018 null

By Bergetta Beardsley, Director of Donor Relations

Planning for a vacation requires selecting a destination, making reservations and packing your bags. There is another area of life that requires good planning - your estate plan. One of the great benefits of a vacation is the sense that your work is finished and you can find rest and relaxation. Establishing a plan that achieves charitable and financial goals is another way to achieve peace of mind.


If you don't have a will, or it has been some time since you updated your will, now is the perfect time to review your plan. Some people are prompted by a vacation, especially overseas trips, as an opportunity to review and update their intentions for after their lifetime. As you consider your plan, remember that a will is not solely about what you own, it is a way to help the people and causes that matter to you, and a way to leave a lasting legacy.


As you work to achieve that piece of mind through your estate plans, we are here to help. A Legacy Fund with the Community Foundation offers a personal, flexible and efficient way to ensure that your charitable wishes are met after your lifetime and for generations to come.


To take advantage of this opportunity, a donor simply includes in their estate plan that a particular asset or a percentage of their estate will go to their Legacy Fund at the Community Foundation upon their passing. They then work with the Community Foundation to determine how these assets will be distributed. They can name specific charities to support, or they can determine an area of interest and our Grantmaking Committee will direct those dollars where they’ll make the most impact at that point in time. We work with each donor to create a customized plan that meets their interests and needs. Because of the flexibility of Legacy Funds, donors can update the fund throughout their lifetime or as their charitable interests change, without having to invest the time and resources in making changes to their will or estate plans.


By taking advantage of a Legacy Fund, you focus on the important work of planning the next great trip or relaxing getaway with the peace of mind that your legacy of generosity will live on. Our team is here to create customized plans for support. Contact Bergetta Beardsley, director of donor relations, at or (515) 447-4207 to learn more.