Highlights from DonorConnect: Strategic Giving Services

Nov. 18, 2022

The Community Foundation was pleased to host a panel of fund holders alongside members of our team for DonorConnect: Give Where You Live - Strategic Giving Services. Thank you to Nicole Boyington, Rich Flaugh and Jeanne Gookin for sharing their giving stories.

View the full recording of the DonorConnect session or read on for highlights from the session below.


The Community Foundation's Strategic Giving Services connect who you are with how you give. For family charitable fund holders like Rich Flaugh and Jeanne Gookin, taking part in conversations about strategic giving alongside the Community Foundation has led to meaningful connections among family members across generations.

Jeanne shared how she and her cousins have come together to learn about one another's values and how they can connect through their charitable intentions. Together, they decide how to support the causes they care about.

Similarly, Rich and his wife Marcia have passed on the gift of giving to future generations by turning their grandchildren into the Flaugh Family Board of Directors to set strategy for the family’s giving.

As shared by Charitable Giving Advisor Sarah Reichardt, each conversation is tailored to meet the charitable goals of those involved. Personalized Strategic Giving is designed for individuals, families and groups to explore how their personal experiences have shaped their beliefs about giving back. Through a series of interactive tools and exercises, our team will learn about your values and priorities to help you craft a charitable plan that connects who you are with how you give.

For those engaged in Business Strategic Giving like Nicole Boyington of Workspace, the Community Foundation can help connect business values to your charitable impact. Business Strategic Giving is a great way to bring simplicity and efficiency to your giving while maximizing impact.

“It can be overwhelming when you look at all of the issues in the community in need of support," shared Nicole. "The Community Foundation helped us discover what causes best aligned with our values and made connections with nonprofits in those areas. Those connections have been really meaningful." 

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