C3 Center Spotlight: Maddie's Place Training Room

Jul. 5, 2022 null

Construction is underway on the transformation of the 1910 Ingersoll Avenue building into the C3 Center: A hub for connection, collaboration and community. The space is designed for community convenings, nonprofit trainings, leadership development and as a gathering place for the 501(c)(3) nonprofit sector to grow and thrive together.

One exciting feature of the C3 Center will be a training room where nonprofits can connect with one another, collaborate to address community needs and continue learning through Community Foundation training opportunities. Dr. Ellie Burns, director of nonprofit relations, shares more about the training room in the video below. 

The training room in the C3 Center will be called Maddie’s Place as a tribute to Maddie Levitt's legacy of leading and teaching.



Maddie Levitt’s name is synonymous with fundraising and community leadership in Greater Des Moines. She dedicated her time and treasure to countless campaigns and projects that transformed the community and the organizations she served. Not only was she dedicated to service, but she was also dedicated in engaging others to join her in this work. In honor and recognition of Maddie’s commitment to developing leaders, her children, Jeffrey Glazer, Suzie Glazer Burt, Linda Toohey and Ellie Ziegler made a generous contribution to support the Community Foundation Campus and C3 Center.

Our new training room, Maddie's Placewill serve the community she loved for generations to come. Maddie’s children share why this is a fitting tribute to their mom.

Your generosity and support of the Community Foundation Campus and C3 Center played an important part in turning the dream for this space into a reality. Why was supporting the project important to your family?

Our family has generationally understood the importance of community foundations, their expertise and the critical role they play in understanding the needs of our communities. The Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines sees the vision and the path to make the most impact on as many individuals and organizations as possible. The new Campus and C3 Center will become a focal point of ways to bring the community’s philanthropists, volunteers and impact sector leaders together to make significant differences in the lives of others now and for future generations.


Your mother, Maddie Levitt, made such an impact in Greater Des Moines through both the funds she raised and the people she mentored. What are your hopes for the future as you consider the opportunities Maddie’s Place will provide to honor her legacy of community engagement?

Mom dedicated her entire life to civic and philanthropic leadership in Central Iowa. She led by example, giving generously of her time and resources. She was also committed to being a role model for other philanthropists and fundraisers. Maddie’s Place will continue this legacy of mentorship as it offers trainings and leadership development opportunities for the next generation of leaders and givers.


What advice do you think Maddie would want to share with those who come to Maddie’s Place for trainings and meetings as they seek to strengthen our community?

Think boldly, work together and envision a future where individuals can get to know one another, listen to each other’s points of view, learn from each other and do their part to make this community a better place for all to live together.