Community Cultural Plan

    Each day over 60 nonprofit arts and cultural organizations in Greater Des Moines make the community a more desirable place to live and work. These organizations provide inspiration, education and enjoyment to residents and visitors. They beautify shared public places and strengthen the community's social fabric. The arts and cultural community is an economic force, creating jobs, revitalizing neighborhoods and promoting tourism.


    The Community Foundation's support of the Bravo Greater Des Moines Community Cultural Plan helps ensure these arts and cultural organizations will continue to thrive.


    "When cultural assets are strategically and creatively deployed, they become significant drivers of economic growth and community revitalization," Bravo Executive Director MD Isley said.  "Cultural planning takes stock of existing cultural resources and asks how they can be maintained, enhanced or developed to continue building the vitality, livability and success of a community."


    Bravo's Community Cultural Plan addresses the various roles the arts and cultural community can play in economic and community development and the overall quality of life in Greater Des Moines.


    Bravo Board Chair Brian Laurenzo said, "While this plan directly benefits the arts and cultural community, the overall project is wide reaching and will be valued as a comprehensive, community development initiative."


    Photo courtesy of Gateway Dance Theatre.