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BoardLaunch and OnTrack Training Opportunities 

Strong nonprofit organizations must have an effective and engaged staff and board of directors. The Community Foundation offers affordable, professional development opportunities to enhance the management and leadership skills of local nonprofit board and staff members.

BoardLaunch - OnBoard: What You Need to Lead

 September 28, 2017. You are putting your passion for a particular charitable cause into practice by serving as an effective board member—but what’s next?  It is critical to be prepared to step into important leadership roles that will steer not only the board, but also keep the nonprofit organization headed in the right direction.  It’s time for you to lead! Join us for this unique session, filled with the rich experience of seasoned leaders who’ve led boards and served as nonprofit leaders.  This session is designed to inform you on what you need to know to be an effective board or committee leader, and what it takes to develop a strong, effective board and executive leader relationship. We will explore the responsibilities of board and staff leadership positions, how to effectively engage the board to advance the organizations mission, best practices of meeting design, strategic planning and evaluation. Upon completion of this session, you will have what you need to lead! Learn more & register. 

BoardLaunch - Optimizing Engagement: Creating Board Member Experiences That Matter

October 16, 2017. When we ask someone to serve on our nonprofit boards, we’re asking them to tackle an incredibly important and often urgent role which also presents the opportunity to help impact our communities and fulfill our mission. While our environments have become more complex and our organizations more dynamic, the board role is increasingly challenging and essential to ensure we effectively and efficiently meet our missions.  Yet, most organizations haven’t taken the time to systematically consider the experience we’ve created for members of our boards. How boards experience our organization isn’t a trivial matter, it’s the fuel for commitment, active engagement and overall organizational effectiveness. It’s time to reimagine and redesign the ways our organizations engage with our board members to create board experiences that matter. Join us for this interactive session as we explore together how we can help board members bring more of their expertise, discernment and networks to bear on the most important issues and opportunities facing our organizations. Learn more & register. 

BoardLaunch - Friendraising and Fundraising: The Art of Making the Ask

November 14, 2017. It comes naturally to some and for others, the fear of “asking” often stands in the way of raising funds necessary to support a nonprofit organization.  By changing your mindset to approach FUNDraising as FRIENDraising, you can build relationships that lead to engaged and more active donors. Created with the volunteer board member perspective in mind, this interactive session led by Connie Isaacson, provides participants with strategies and tactics that can eliminate the fear of “asking” and get more people engaged in raising dollars for your nonprofit.  Join us to explore just how easy it can be to make “the ask” and encourage others to join you in the effort. Learn more & register.           


*Please note the Community Foundation does not issue refunds for registration cancellations. Please contact Anna Nalean with any questions or to discuss other potential options.

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