Family Giving Library 

We invite you to borrow these books from our library focused on involving your family in giving. 


Beating the Midas Curse - Perry Cochell and Rodney Zeeb

Why does hard work and financial success lead to disaster for so many families, and how can you save yours?


Giving - Bill Clinton

How each of us can change the world.


Wealth in Families - Charles W. Collier

Fundamental questions surrounding your financial wealth and its effect on your family.


Values-Based Estate Planning  -  Scott C. Fithian

            A step-by-step approach to wealth transfer for professional advisors.


The Financially Intelligent Parent - Eileen Gallo and Jon Gallo

            Eight steps to raising successful, generous, responsible children.


Silver Spoon Kids - Eileen Gallo and Jon Gallo

            How successful parents raise responsible children.


Inspired Philanthropy - Tracy Gary

            Step-by-step guide to creating a giving plan and leaving a legacy.


The Greater Good - Claire Gaudiani

How philanthropy drives the American economy and can save capitalism.


Generations of Giving - Kelin E. Gersick

            Leadership and continuity in family foundations.


A World of Their Own Making - John R. Gillis

Myth, ritual and the quest for family values.


Raising Financially Fit Kids - Joline Godfrey

Centered around a developmental map covering 10 specific money skills children can master by the age of 18.


Children of Paradise - Lee Hausner

            Successful parenting for prosperous families.


Saving the Family Cottage - Stuart J. Hollander, Rose Hollander & David S. Fry

            A guide to succession planning for your cottage, cabin, camp or vacation home.


Family Wealth:  Keeping It in the Family - James E. Hughes, Jr.

How family members and their advisers preserve human, intellectual and financial assets for generations.


The World Needs Your Kid - Craig Kielburger, Marc Kielburger and Shelley Page

            Raising  children who care and contribute.


Too Much of a Good Think - Dan Kindlon

            Raising children of character in an indulgent age.


Smart & Caring - Richard & Linda Livingston

            A donor's guide to major gifting.


Money Harmony - Olivia Mellan

            Resolving money conflicts in your life and relationships.


The Golden Ghetto - Jessie H. O'Neill

            The psychology of affluence.


The Giving Family - Susan Crites Price

            Raising our children to help others.


Smart Generosity - Renata J. Rafferty

Everything you need to know about charity, philanthropy and giving wisely.


Seeking Succession - Loyd H. Rawls

How to continue the family business legacy.


CEO Dad - Tom Stern

            How to avoid getting fired by your family.


The Ultimate Gift - Jim Stovall

            What would you be willing to do in order to inherit one billion dollars?


Preparing Heirs  -  Roy Williams and Vic Preisser

            Five steps to a successful transition of family wealth and values.


Philanthropy Heirs & Values  -  Roy Williams and Vic Preisser

How successful families are using philanthropy to prepare their heirs for post-transition responsibilities.


Navigating the Dark Side of Wealth  -  Thayer Cheatham Willis

            A life guide for inheritors.





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