Nonprofit Staff Training: MythBusters: Truth and Lies of Innovation in Nonprofit Organizations

This session on innovation is designed specifically for Staff at Nonprofit Organizations as they discuss ways to support systematic innovation at their organization. 

Innovation and ingenuity are built in the DNA of every nonprofit organization. Nonprofits use innovation to stretch resources, to serve needs of clients, and to meet community demands as they emerge.  However, nonprofits haven't had many opportunities to think about how innovation functions in our organizations; or to consider how to innovate, more quickly!  Yet, we know, that in order to meet our missions (and our stretched budgets) we must continually innovate.


Join us to for an interactive discussion with Dr. Stacy Van Gorp, Nonprofit Consultant, about how you can support systematic innovation in your organization.  During this session we'll uncover common myths of the innovation process, and we'll consider what each of us can do to encourage innovation in our organizations.


The session will offer plenty of opportunities to generate new ideas or reconsider old problems.  Come armed with your biggest challenges!


This workshop was designed collaboratively by Dr. Stacy Van Gorp and Stephanie Clohesy of Clohesy Consulting who have worked together on numerous projects to develop practical tools to help nonprofit and philanthropic leaders build cultures of innovation.  Stacy Van Gorp will be the lead facilitator for this session.  She has 15 years of experience leading and consulting with nonprofit and philanthropic organizations.  She recently completed her doctoral research, focusing on innovation in the nonprofit sector.

Thank you to Prairie Meadows for their support of this Nonprofit Staff Training session!


Date: October 28, 2013

Time: 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Location: Prairie Meadows Event Center


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